How Humans Respond to Doomsday

By Ariana Cristelle Pagdanganan

Now there are a lot of portrayals on how doomsday will come about on earth. Though there is nothing exciting about doomsday – what with it being the last day of the world’s existence. Yet the thought of breathing your last breath and the prospect of the world crashing down right under your nose are more often than not the most horrifying images that one can ever imagine. You might be wondering when doomsday is going to take its course. Will it happen two years from now? Next month? Perhaps tomorrow? Or maybe right now?

For some reason, there are some people who tend to belittle the odds of the upcoming doomsday (that if it is true). Because now that the entertainment industries have been producing different apocalyptic themed films, people might have a clashing depiction on how doomsday will happen. It might be an alien invasion wherein people will be like Tom Cruise who intercepted the alien attacks in a movie The War of the Worlds. Or maybe through a gigantic asteroid that will take its route on earth and result in collision just like in the movie Armageddon. No one knows for sure, and surely nobody wants either of them to happen. Right?Doomsday

But what if climate change comes into the picture – wherein super typhoons, tsunami-like storm surge, longer periods of hot or wet or cold seasons and other natural disasters will come and wreak havoc everywhere. Lives will be lost, homes shattered, and no superman will come to rescue.

Climate change is believed to be the result of men’s exploitation. Carbon dioxide has been continuously expelled to the atmosphere. Too much carbon dioxide results to global warming in which the global air temperature keeps on increasing until it remits a lot of deadly effects. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which is emitted by industries that utilize coals and fossil fuels in their plants.

What if the movie 2012’s depiction on doomsday is true? That maybe you will be harmed like John Cusack in evading every plague that comes his way. Are you ready for it? Are you? Are you?

Think about it.


Leave your thoughts.

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