The Environment’s Doomsday

By Sherrylyn Famador

The world is acting strange, can you feel it? Can you see it? We are living in a dying world. Dooms day, world’s end is just a representation of a semi-realistic definition of “end”, the true reality is within mankind and the environment.Smurfit_Stone_034

                A lot of human activities contribute to the dying earth. A single blow of smoke released in the air and burning of even one tiny piece of plastic will bring destruction to the atmosphere, which protects us “humans” from harmful external forces. In the last 10 years, the earth had experienced a lot of hazards; from a deadly typhoon to a massive tsunami-like storm surge. Is this the future you wanted? Is this the future we wanted?

                There will come a time when the earth’s capacity to heal itself will stop. Through all walks of life, we know that nothing in this world is permanent, even our world, everything has its limits and if the earth will reach upon that point, don’t expect seeing clouds, trees, birds, or even humans ever again.

                When chickens stop laying eggs, when dogs stop to bark, when birds stop to tweet, and trees to stop growing is a time when the earth is waiting for its doom.

                It is true that you can only appreciate something when it’s entirely gone. Let’s not wait for the environment to have its revenge on us. In the first place, we need them more than they need us. We have to take good care on our environment, always remember, they are the ones making us alive and kicking for thousands of years.

Let’s not wait for the time when we no longer have anything to eat other than our flesh, and when we no longer have to drink other than our blood. Let’s conserve the environment and live a better life today and for the future to come.


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