SPY: Every Country’s Battle

By TJ LuyaoUntitled-1

            We’ve seen a lot of battles in this surviving country. In the past three years, it’s the battle between SPY – Sendong, Pablo and Yolanda against humans. The local names of worse typhoons that hit the country. These battles between humanity against Mother Nature are fierce. Some Filipinos are not used to this kind of situations – they do not know how to counter attack Mother-Nature’s wrath.

            Mother Nature, for many years, is now fighting back to humans. Maybe because we’ve abused her, used her and taken her for granted. Humans have only thought about evolving but have not grown in parallel with our mother.

            We’ve been busy destroying our environment. We’ve been busy polluting the atmosphere. We’re burning plastics. We’re cutting trees and not planting back. The list could go on forever.  We’ve been busy on unnecessary things. Yet, we did not give return. Maybe we have; but is it enough to outweigh the damage we made?

            With these things, we humans are all busy complaining. Why are these things happening? Simple, we are the cause of it and we constantly are denying it. We diverse the issues on many things, and we always have an alibi for something.

            We need to know that climate change doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a series of events that occur over decades at least. We need to stop harassing our Mother Nature in order for us to live in harmony. We need to get out from our comfort zone and start changing. It’s easier to say it than actually doing it, especially the simple ones.

            Let our past be our stepping stone to learn things and change ourselves for the better. We humans are capable of anything on everything, and this is our move to stop our inevitable destruction of our planet and humanity. Let the storms that had passed become our key for future improvements. Let us learn from it and never make mistakes again. Let’s knock our doomsday out and live!


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