5 things you can do to help preserve the beauty of the earth?

By Marie Aspera

Want to help save the environment? And be an agent of change? Are you getting tired of seeing scrap papers, and cand wrappers in the river, along the street and hallways of your school or office? Or you might have been seeing the water or electricity being wasted? Well, if you said YES to these questions. We are here to help you, by giving you some tips on how you can help preserve the beauty of our Mother Earth.

1. Turn off lights when not in use


Turning off the lights when not in use is one effective way in saving energy and aside from this you can also reduce your electric bills.

2.Use both sides of your paper


Use the back portion of your notebooks and notepads. By doing this, you can already save Mother Earth.

3.Bottled Water?


Instead of buying bottled water in convenient stores or your school cafeteria, why not buy yourself a tumbler instead. You don’t only get to save money, but you also get to save yourself from the dangers of using plastic bottles and most of all you also get to save our environment.

4. Have your own coffee cup


If you’re the type of person, who loves drinking coffee on a cold morning then this tip might be for you. Instead of using those Styrofoam cups, why not invest in using your own coffee cup.

5.. Learn in wrapping gifts creatively


You can reuse gift bags at home or you can use newspapers our colored papers to wrap those presents. Not only will you be environment friendly but you will also be able to make your present unique for the recipient.  


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