Beauty of Earth: Before and now?

By Junessa Torres


Listening to the birds chirp, great weather to have a walk, and biking under the heat of the sun without getting any pinch of pain are common activities people do years ago; well, also for some people today at least. People do not worry much about getting umbrella to protect their skin from scorching heat or wear facemask along the road due to pollution.

Population wasn’t high. It didn’t reach the peak of the Mount Everest. Well not literally, but 7 million is way too much. Children would be well fed by their parents, giving them extra material things they want. Animals could eat their food which would be abundant. They can hunt without seeking too much what they are hunting. Plants receive nutrients perfectly without environmental issues, and gives back oxygen as an essential need of all.

People were healthy, in some countries of course. Some viruses existed before cause extreme health problems or death, but they are all naturally formed. Toxic chemicals are our problems, we have today, because that is a human induced issue.

Weather was perfect, not as bad as what we have today. Everything was perfectly in place, not everything though.

People were living their life comfortably, well. not really all of them if we have to consider the war in some countries. Enjoying what Earth can supply: abundant minerals, water and food. Today, even in some nations, only a few enjoys the wealth.

There were such vast lands where trees are growing and animals wander. They all live and continue to multiply. The earth supplies enough food for every species living in it: meat from animals and vegetables from plants. Unfortunately, when we intervened, we intervened so much that we put so many things at stake.

We can’t deny that the beauty of the earth is continually fading because of people’s carelessness and greed. Year by year we can feel the revenge of mother earth. Disaster here, disaster all over there, viruses and all other stuff.

Forests are being bald to build countless infrastructures, especially house projects such as commercial subdivisions. Bodies of water turned brown from green or blue and worst — polluted: contaminated and not anymore safe to drink.

People tend to get sick so easily because of the negative effects of the daily activities some people as well. Some gets poorer and poorer because of many reasons including the unstoppable increase of population and poverty.

A green and blue globe sadly turns into not expected appearance, brown. Hopefully not. Look around, feel the temperature, then compare this era from the previous ones, where everything is fine from the living to non-living things. It’s a lot way different, right? Of course you have to ask your grandmother for that.

We are all responsible for what is happening right now. If we don’t care and change ourselves first, maybe it’s late, but it’s not too late.

The true beauty of earth is the ones living in it. The beauty fades because of the lack of respect and contentment of every living thing.  If we are careless and reckless, so does the earth.

The beauty of human kind reflects the beauty of the earth. Ironically,…


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