Don’t Die on Me Cutie

By Ariana Cristelle Pagdanganan

I happened to watch this video about polar bears on Animal Planet. It was aired on March 27, 2013 titled as “Polar Bears: Edge of Existence.” Being a big fan of anything cute, I found myself getting transfixed on how super cute and cuddly they looked. Putting their endearing attributes aside, I have also learned that these bears live in Polar Regions (that is obviously why they are called as polar bears). They are all carnivores and that they usually like to hunt seals. Their thick furs keep them warm and, whenever they swim, their long neck allows them to keep their head above the water. This actually amuses me and at the same time upsets me. It is because now that climate change has taken its toll, its desired effects have certainly threatened their habitat and their lives as well.global_warming            There is this biome called Tundra which is a “vast and treeless land which covers 20% of the earth’s surface, circumnavigating the North Pole” (Whitney S., 2002). This is actually the world’s youngest biome since it was formed 10,000 years ago. Polar bears are part in an Arctic Tundra.  Seeing how this kind of biome exists fascinates me and that my fascination grows even more upon watching the polar bears adapting very well to the cold. Then to my horror is the onset of climate change which is due to the shifting of global climate patterns caused by the increase of carbon dioxide emitted by the use of fossil fuels. Because of it, climate change puts the lives of polar bears at risk. The ice would melt and thus prevents them to hunt for seals. The World Conservation Union reports that the global population of polar bears is declining. Bears are starving to death all because the Arctic sea ice fell to its lowest, due to global warming.

What upsets me is not just about not seeing the fat bellies and cute faces of the polar bears anymore; it is about humans still having the nerve to pursue destroying mother earth without thinking of its consequences. Tundra is probably the harshest biome there is. With its cold temperature, low precipitation, and high winds, people are still causing it to be much harsher as it is to the plants and animals that call tundra as their home. Though extinction of animals is one of the many effects that climate change brings, it does not only affect the animals, it affects us, the doers of climate change, as well. We may live in different biomes, but that’s not the excuse to take measures and to take care of each living and nonliving creation it has, given that there is only one life and one earth for a lifetime.


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