Green Hero

By Sherrylyn Famador


Since the primitive times, nature has been our only saviour. It gave us air, water, food, and shelter. Even without asking all of it, nature gives it all. Think about it, if it wasn’t for our forest, we wouldn’t have strong house foundations. Nature is our hero but sadly not all people recognize its amazing and extraordinary actions. People are relating heroes with capes, boots, and the ability to have superpowers just like Spiderman.  The environment/nature takes care of us.

In fact, Nature is providing us free services. For example, forests are natural distributors of clean water. According to an article published on a website Science Daily, forests provide natural filtration and storage systems that process nearly two-thirds of the water supply in the U.S. Another fact is that forests absorb massive amounts carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and it’s totally free. Forest are responsible in maintaining the level of greenhouse gas at a desirable level. Unfortunately, human activities like the Industrial Revolution exponentially increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while forest areas in the world are being converted to residential lands or farmlands due to the increasing demand for the increasing population.

See, nature has its capes, it is the earth. It’s everyone’s hero. Its boots are our soil and its superpowers are beyond explanation. The power of the environment could never be compared to any modern superheroes because it’s greater than all of them combined. It is also greater than any other inventions forests provide various services simultaneously without price. If trees aren’t here, who would sip the excess water from the soil? We would not be able to shelter ourselves from the blazing heat of the sun. We wouldn’t have fruits and we wouldn’t have papers and so on.

Nature is a hero in many different forms and at different perspectives. We must give it all the care and thanks by preserving it and keeping it intact. When we take care of the environment, we also take care of ourselves. Take care!



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