They say the world is changing, I say we are the ones changing


By Sherrylyn Famador

I get sick and tired of hearing unaware people saying that the world is changing. It is not the world, it is us who changed. Literally the world is just the same as it is 1 million years ago, with trees, with sun, with moon, with rain, with snow, and etc. We are the ones who brought change to the world we are now. Who brought in technology to the earth? Isn’t it us?

Often do I think that instead of believing that the world is evolving, we must also take into consideration that one of the top evolutions here on earth is on humans. You see, it is natural for the earth to change in order to adapt to the changing environment due to human activities; it needs to heal itself. We are the ones who brought about the destruction of the environment. We are the ones who endangered millions of animals. We are the ones who killed millions of lives through calamities. We are the ones responsible for killing Earth, for killing the only world we can inhabit.

Don’t you remember? Millions years ago, we were one with nature. We took care of it, and it took care of us. It’s a precious relationship bonded by nature. But what are we doing now? We changed but definitely not for the better.  We changed our ways. We changed our priorities. We changed our beliefs. Before, Nature was our first priority but now, I don’t even know where to start.

They say change cannot be controlled, I say change can be controlled. Change lies within ourselves, it is us who decide whether we ride that change or not. I cannot say that human evolution is bad, but it does bring a lot of troubles today; the change that was supposed to be for the better turned out to be for the worse.

I say it’s ok to change but always leave back something from the past that could help the future.

PS: I hope they left us the dinosaurs. Teehee.


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